ProfitDuel (USA)

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The Sports Bonus Side Hustle!

ProfitDuel is a new way for US residents to profit online from the numerous bonuses and special promotions offered by betting sportsbooks and also casinos, without risking your own cash.

Created from the immensely successful OddsMonkey matched betting platform in the UK and due to recent relaxing of gambling laws in some states (and growing), ProfitDuel allows the average person in the US to make some significant risk free money at home.

I often say this is betting but is not gambling. The reason I say this, is because the risk is removed. (You could also say it is simply taking advantage of an offer). A profit is guaranteed by making use of the constant free bet promotions given out by online sportsbooks and the offers from casinos. All completely legitimate and legal.

Matched Betting works by placing two online bets for the same event. One with a sportsbook offering a free bet promotion and the second bet (being an opposing one) with another sportsbook. This causes the bet to be cancelled out. This means that you don’t win anything of course, but importantly, you don’t lose either.

Q: So why would you do this? A: To qualify for the free bet offered by the sportsbook.

You then repeat the process with your free bet, this time it is the sportsbook’s money and not yours and this guarantees your profit. You don’t have to have any betting experience to start Matched Betting. You don’t have to know any sportsbooks already or even like sports!

Example of how it works:

Like a welcome gift, nearly all sportsbooks offer incentives for new customers to sign up to their website. These take various forms and typically they are Bet $X and get $X free, get $X free bet if your first bet loses or a deposit bonus. All of these bonus types can be covered, so that you win, no matter what the outcome of the event is.

Let’s say an online sportsbook has an introductory offer which is Bet $20 (of your own money) and get a $50 free bet.

The Qualifier: The first bet where you use your own money is known as the qualifying bet. For example, you bet $20 on the Eagles to beat the Cowboys.

The 1st bet: In the example above, this is the $20 of your own money that you are placing with an online sportsbook for the Eagles (in this case) to win.

The 2nd bet: In order to cancel your 1st bet out so you don’t lose anything, you need to place a 2nd (opposing) bet. This is a bet placed at another online sportsbook for the Cowboys to win in our example. This covers the outcomes and means you do not win, but importantly, you do not lose either.

The Free bet: By using the $20 of your own money with the 1st sportsbook and placing the opposing bet at the 2nd sportsbook as above, you have cancelled them out and not lost anything, but you have now unlocked $50 of free bets from the 1st sportsbook promotion in this example.

By repeating the above process with the $50 of free bets (you can usually use it all in one go or spread it out), you are locking in a profit because you are using a free bet this time and you win no matter what the result is!

How do you start:

When Matched Betting was first around in Europe, things were a lot more complicated because you had to search for free bet offers and matched betting opportunities yourself. There is also a fair bit of tracking involved and some basic math that people used to use spreadsheets for.

Enter ProfitDuel..

ProfitDuel is a well established company, team of experts and website that handles all of the details for you, so that you can get on with making a profit from Matched Betting.

The tools, guidance and support that ProfitDuel offers is truly excellent. Here are some of the benefits of using the service:

  • Detailed tutorials on every aspect of Matched Betting
  • Odds Matcher that finds the best matches and works out the math for you
  • Profit Tracker that keeps track of everything for you
  • New Matched Betting opportunities are constantly found and can also be emailed to you
  • A great community and forum to learn from and share with others

On top of that, you can try it out for free and they will guide you through making your first few $$$s without having to commit to the service.

You can try it out here or click the banner below to register for a $1 trial and get started!!