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It Can all Change in a Day


It can all change in a day says Jim Rohn, the classic mentor who sadly passed away in 2009. Jim’s stuff is so great. I’d recommend anyone to check out more of his videos as you may find the day that turns your life around is a day that you listen to this great man.

Here is a classic clip below. Wow, disgust, decision, desire and resolve. 4 key emotions that can make all the difference and make you decide “enough is enough!!”

If you want some change in your life, you’ve got to check this out…

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Happy New You!

In my previous post, Don’t make New Year’s resolutions!, I talk about moving towards goals in constant incremental steps. This video from the great Tony Robbins fits nicely after my last post.Tony Robbins

Though originally sent out for 2012, this clip is just as relevant for starting 2014 the best you can.

From his comments on the two kinds of motivation, push and pull and towards the end, great stuff about will power not lasting but rituals can last a life-time, check it out!

Surprise visit from Nathan Ricks

One of my favourite video blogs I would like to share is that of Eric Worre, highly successful entrepreneur and network marketing advocate and acclaimed coach, whose insights I highly recommend, no matter what kind of business you are in.Eric Worre

I check in to this video blog (or vlog!) regularly for inspiration and nuggets of priceless information. I came across today’s clip from Eric, that features his good friend, Nathan Ricks, ultra-successful network marketing legend. Eric puts him on the spot a bit but Nathan shares his thoughts on doing the basics brilliantly.

Click here for the clip. No matter what kind of business you are in or even if you are not in business yet, Nathan Rick’s comments are a good reminder of how we can move towards our goals on a daily basis. Click here to watch, comment below and see you on my next post!


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