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nachapp update


As posted in Get Organised in 2014 with nach, I am trialling this online productivity tool free Productionfor 30 days. Need for achievement (nach for short) is a handy little app that works on all your devices, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, whatever you use to access the internet.

You can access it yourself here: for your own 30 day free trial. What I think is great about it, is that it will hold you accountable. Well, it will help you be accountable to yourself!

The way it does this is by sending you e.mails or SMS messages to prompt you about the steps you said you would take that day toward a goal and also a weekly update and summary of steps taken and/or missed that week.

I haven’t tried the SMS messages yet but the e.mails are working well. You get a little prompt into your inbox with regard to what you said you were going to do that day and if you are in the habit of checking your inbox in the morning or throughout the day, it does act a little like a wake up call.

So if you are ever prone to put things off, this one could be for you!

Here are a few tips on getting started:

Get Organised in 2014 with nachapp

Just discovered a cool new app to boost your productivity that can be accessed from all your devices, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc. It’s called Need for Achievement. nach for short and you can trial it at

You can start a 30-day free trial without having to input any debit or credit card details. I have just done this after searching for a simple, easy to use online system for reminders and goal-setting.

What I’ve found in nachapp looks very interesting.

Aweber Celebrates 15 Years


Aweber is celebrating 15 years of helping businesses create highly successful e.mail marketing campaigns and moreAweber1

If you have not opened your Aweber account yet ($1 to start) and/or want to see what all the fuss is about, including a personal 15 year anniversary message from one of the founders, run along and click the link below.

15 years for Aweber. Click here to see.

To your successful e.mail campaigns!