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Franchising? Or Multiple Online Income Streams..

My Situation

Like a lot of people searching around for supplement income opportunities, it wasn’t that I really disliked the day-job, but I wanted to be able to boost my earnings and have a crack at being a business owner on the side.

(And who knows, if I really liked it, maybe one day there would be a transition to working the business full time).  

This searching took me down a number of avenues, for example:

Traditional business and sales – fine, but I wanted to be able to better support my family, see more of my friends and travel when I wanted.

Network Marketing and MLM – some success, great products and personal development but I found trying to convince friends and family to attend meetings.. frankly awful.

ebay sales – Ok and a bit of fun but small profit margins and too many annoying visits to the post office.

Then I looked at franchising opportunities – The potential to not only supplement your income but grow a serious business, look after family and have loads more resources to travel and pursue hobbies.

The problem I saw with franchising though, is that you are basically buying yourself another full time job. Worse than that, a really stressful business, where you are likely to work crazy hours and have multiple headaches.

Fast forward a little bit and after more searching around.. A Digital Business System was revealed to me that gives you the opportunity to profit from multiple streams of income straight away, and unlike a franchise, without the need for premises, inventory or staff!

Having said the above about franchising, there are of course many benefits to the business model. To help you understand how a Digital Business System works, we can use the franchising example as it has many similarities:

Free Yourself from the Rat Race and Live on Your Own Terms

Online Income

Let’s face it: The “Dream” isn’t what it used to be. For many people, gone are the days when working 40 hours a week brought them all the money they needed to get by. You may make a decent living at your current job, but how often do you find yourself longing to be somewhere else?

We all have to work, but work doesn’t have to overwhelm and define our lives. Even for the most career-orientated person, a work-life balance is crucial to success and personal fulfilment.

Wouldn’t it be great to be the boss of you? You make the rules, choose your hours and the people you work with. Your income is based solely on how much you want to work, and the only person who can fire you or hold you back from that great promotion is yourself.

Read on and learn how you can start to earn additional income from home and put your old skills to new use.

Call Your Chicken List!

photo of chicken

Have you ever heard of your Chicken List? You probably have one. I know I have.

In business and any other activity where you need to interact (call, meet, write to etc) with other people to get things done, there are always those people that you know you should call and yet somehow, you don’t.

They would be good! They have credibility! They have influence! They are resourceful! They have great connections!

Still we don’t call.