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Call Your Chicken List!


Have you ever heard of your Chicken List? You probably have one. I know I have.Chicken

In business and any other activity where you need to interact (call, meet, write to etc) with other people to get things done, there are always those people that you know you should call and yet somehow, you don’t.

They would be good! They have credibility! They have influence! They are resourceful! They have great connections!

Still we don’t call.

You Don’t Have To..

Heart Small


A friend and mentor of mine has this saying that he learnt from his Mum as a kid – “You don’t have to, you get to”.

He said it started with when he complained about having to make his bed, “Mum, do I have to do it?” Mum: “No, you don’t have to do it, you get to do it. Feel lucky that you are here, fit, healthy, alive and get the privilege of making your bed in the morning”.

My friend says that this was confusing for a while to a 9 year old boy and very slightly annoying! As the years went on though, he began to see the wisdom in this comment.

If you change a few words, it can make all the difference to how you feel about doing something. You don’t have to, you get to.

You don’t have to go to work, school, college, you are lucky enough to get to. You don’t have to help your neighbour out with their car, you get to.

You get the point I’m sure. Too often we are consumed by the have to and forget that much in this life is a privilege, a gift. We get to live another day, to give, to contribute, to love.

Let’s think more about what we get to do.



Happy New You in 2017!

Tony RobbinsThough originally sent out for 2012, this clip from the great Tony Robbins is just as relevant for starting 2017 the best you can.

From his comments on the two kinds of motivation, push and pull and towards the end, great stuff about will power not lasting but rituals can last a life-time, check it out! Then see below for your free 30-day trial for designing the life you want as a digital entrepreneur.

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No Experience Required


We’re excited to share a short film created by two SFM members, Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis, two Canadian entrepreneurs who attempt to answer the question of how people get rich..

Be Prolific

Be Prolific

Be Prolific – Yesterday I had a conversation with somebody who writes multiple blogs, including for business, a personal blog and for a charity. I asked her what her number one tip would be for engaging the most people and making a decent living online. Her answer..

What is a meta story?

What is a meta story?

What is a meta story? – In the previous post, 5 main things that leaders do every day, I mention tuning the subconscious mind for what you want by using meta-stories. The term comes from “Anything Fast” by Stuart Lichtman. An MIT engineering graduate, Lichtman created a computer system in the late 1960s – Arintel, to model human decision making behaviour.

After further studies in Psychology and Economics (why humans do what they do), Lichtman went on to develop techniques for the average person to easily program their subconscious. The Cybernetic Transposition Technique was born and at its core is the meta story. Here is how it can help you..

5 main things that leaders do every day

5 main things that leaders do every day

5 main things that leaders do every day – Do you know what a DMO is? It is a Daily Method of Operation. This is what leaders, people with purpose and a plan, put into action to ensure that on a daily basis, they are forming habits and tackling tasks that are the most productive for them.

If you do not have a DMO, then you are like a sailing boat without the sails set properly or without a rudder. Directionless and drifting on the tide. Instead of moving towards a destination with purpose (with the elements getting out of your way), you will have allowed the elements and circumstances to control you. You will drift wherever the wind and tide takes you, not a place of your making. What are 5 main things that leaders do every day?..

The Law of Precession and how it can help you

The Law of PrecessionThe Law of Precession – Recently while watching a webinar with online business mentors Stuart and Jay, I heard Jay mention The Law of Precession. You may be wondering what this is and I was too, so I did a bit of reading around and discovered that it is basically what we also know as “the ripple effect” or at least closely related to it.

Changing Your Physiology

Changing Your Physiology

Changing Your Physiology – In the previous post, Work Environment Change, we talk about the transformational power of making changes to where you work and how you work. A change in environment will mean a change in your physiology and that in turn means a change in how you feel about things and what actions you take.

This concept doesn’t just stop with work, it applies to all areas of our lives. For example..

Should you have a business coach?


“If you are not clear on where you want to go, then everything will distract you”. This is aCoaching truth and problem encountered by every business owner, project leader and would-be entrepreneur out there at some point.

If you feel like this is happening to you sometimes, then you are certainly not alone. So should you have a business coach? Not just to help formulate a vision but for all the different issues that arise? Examples of issues in a