They’ll never be obsolete again

Never be obsolete

Just a few short years ago, this dynamic husband-and-wife team were hard-working professionals living in London with good careers and above average incomes. They worked hard, long hours, year in and year out, because they thought this was the only way to be secure..

In today’s share, we’re going to introduce you to Greg and Fiona. Two of our top affiliates and SFM coaches. We want to show you that no matter what happens, opportunity and transformation is never far away if you keep an open mind!

One phone call changed it all for Greg and Fiona – their life as they knew it was over, just like that. The fear (which most of us have constantly in the background) of losing their source of income (salary) came true. Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you’ve got to adapt…

This video reveals Greg and Fiona’s inspiring story – they had the courage to transform themselves to benefit from the massive opportunity that the digital economy offers. Incredibly, this happy couple now get to “have their cake and eat it too”. There’s a reason why Greg and Fiona are always smiling!

Never again live in fear of losing your one source of income:

Watch Video 6 – They’ll Never Be Obsolete Again

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