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An inspiring story of radical transformation


A couple of years ago, after suffering through the collapse of the US banking industry, these two intrepid, intelligent brothers began looking for a legitimate alternative to the traditional economy. Today we share a candid conversation with these former students who went on to achieve incredible heights of success as online marketing experts.

Introducing Guy and Ilan Ferdman. These amazing guys give back by sharing their marketing expertise as ongoing coaches for SFM/DEA.

They found SFM and enrolled as students of ours. This kick-started their transition from reliance on a job to writing their own paycheck in the online arena.

In this inspirational conversation, you’ll hear how the Ferdman brothers overcame incredible odds and reinvented themselves to create the future they’d always wanted..

They’ll never be obsolete again

Never be obsolete

Just a few short years ago, this dynamic husband-and-wife team were hard-working professionals living in London with good careers and above average incomes. They worked hard, long hours, year in and year out, because they thought this was the only way to be secure..

Earning Multiple Income Streams

Earning multiple income streams
In today’s share, we are going to reveal how SFM’s Digital Business System gives you the opportunity to profit from multiple streams of income from the get go!
To help you understand how this works, we’ll use the franchising example as it has many similarities:

The key ingredient for succeeding online..

The Key Ingredient
Today from Stuart and Jay is a video about the time-tested affiliate business model, which lets you tap into the booming digital economy with a minimum of hassle.
Being an affiliate/reseller lets you promote appealing products and get paid a commission when people buy them. Think of it – no time or finance wasted in creating products, testing them on the marketplace to see if there’s demand, and honing them until they’re just right.

What’s all the “digital” fuss about?

What's all the digital fuss about?
So, what’s all the ‘digital’ fuss about and why SFM?
Message from Stuart and Jay:
Today we have a video where you’re going to learn who we are (our individual stories and values); why we got started online; what we’ve achieved; and most importantly… how we can help create YOUR digital lifestyle, with an online business that does away with the typical complexity.
We’re not here to offer ‘hyped promises’ about getting rich overnight. What we can do though is show you how we help people legitimately grow and even replace their current income using our world class training and cutting-edge digital tools.

Why isn’t everyone making good money online??

Making money online

The previous post refers to the booming Internet economy. You might naturally then ask: “So why isn’t everyone making good money online if there’s such a ‘Digital Gold Rush’ happening?”

This is a perfectly fair point, and the answer is that the majority of people give up very quickly or never get started on the road to a sustainable online business (the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ dream) because of one massive obstacle – overwhelm.

Let’s Get Rid of Those Digital Headaches.

The Digital Gold Rush – Hype or Fact?

The Digital Gold Rush

Otherwise called the “Digital Revolution”, the “Digital Gold Rush” is a phenomenon which started in 1980 when the cost of manufacturing electronics and computers dropped to the point where average people could afford them. With mass production came further cost reductions and before long, everyone had useful gadgets like a VCR and fax machine.