Changing Your Physiology

Changing Your Physiology

Changing Your Physiology – In the previous post, Work Environment Change, we talk about the transformational power of making changes to where you work and how you work. A change in environment will mean a change in your physiology and that in turn means a change in how you feel about things and what actions you take.

This concept doesn’t just stop with work, it applies to all areas of our lives. For example..

Changing Your Physiology

How you feel, what you say and do in relationships with friends and loved ones. Physiology is the study of biological processes withing living organisms, the various systems, cells, compounds, structure and how they interact to support life.

The concept of changing your physiology and therefore your mood and behaviour, comes from the fact that making a simple change to the environment in which you put your body, means a change to the processes that are happening within your body.

Common advice when feeling less than perky or in a dark mood, is to get out of the house, go for a walk, do something completely different. The reason this makes a difference is because the changed environment and activity creates a physiological change in the body. Sunlight, exercise and different mental stimulation cause the body to create and release various chemical compounds that directly affect how we feel and the actions we take as a knock on effect.

Changing Your Physiology

The body greatly affects the mind.

I remember times when my mood has been pretty dark for whatever reason or my energy has been low. For me, I enjoy the gym and maybe getting out on my bike for a while. I have learnt that these activities work for me. My mind is nearly always in a much better place and my energy much higher after a good bit of exercise.

Along with proper rest, hydration and good nutrition, exercise helps to put you in an optimal state to get the most from your day. Physiology determines mental state and so changing your physiology and getting endorphins flowing changes your mental state, which in turn affects the story you are telling yourself at a particular time.

This is important because your story affects your belief. As people, we fabricate stories in our minds to justify anything we want to believe. By being aware and making sure that our internal stories are mostly positive, we ensure our beliefs are mostly positive too. This leads to positive action. So literally it is possible to use your body to tap into an internal guidance system, whenever you feel you need to!

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