5 main things that leaders do every day

5 main things that leaders do every day

5 main things that leaders do every day – Do you know what a DMO is? It is a Daily Method of Operation. This is what leaders, people with purpose and a plan, put into action to ensure that on a daily basis, they are forming habits and tackling tasks that are the most productive for them.

If you do not have a DMO, then you are like a sailing boat without the sails set properly or without a rudder. Directionless and drifting on the tide. Instead of moving towards a destination with purpose (with the elements getting out of your way), you will have allowed the elements and circumstances to control you. You will drift wherever the wind and tide takes you, not a place of your making. What are 5 main things that leaders do every day?..

5 main things that leaders do every day

Visualisation on goals

Distraction is everywhere. Without having something compelling to aim at, that will pull you towards it, the thousands of distractions in a day will most likely be so loud that you will not do all the right things to go in the direction you want to go.

This is why visualisation every day, of the desired results is so important. The goal needs to be made louder than the distractions (prioritised).

But what to do?

Daily – Spend 30 minutes a day to tune the subconscious mind for what you want by using meta-stories. (Learn more here). Following this session, map your day out and take some action straight away to keep in momentum. It is recommended to always work on a monthly, quarterly and annual meta-story.

Weekly – Again, spending around 30 minutes, review the previous week’s activity, progression and any issues before mapping out the new week.

  1. Strategically think about what would make up an ideal week and make a note of ideal outcomes.
  2. Make adjustments for progress or lack of.
  3. Plan the actions required to make a reality of these ideal outcomes, splitting each day’s actions by importance.

Monthly and Quarterly – For around 30 minutes again, evaluate progression and challenges for the previous period. Then begin to map out the next month and next quarter. Use the same weekly review process above.


Focus on Income Producing Activities

We are often told to manage our time but it is actually impossible to manage time. What we are able to do is learn to manage our energy and activities within time.

Here, the DMO (Daily Method of Operation) comes into play again. Without it, overwhelm and un-focused busyness can take over. Prioritising actions and the order they are taken is what we all have to do to get the most out of every day. Sometimes deciding what not to do, is a powerful way to increase productivity!

5 main things that leaders do every day

The above simple diagram demonstrates how seemingly small disciplines (or on the other side of the coin, repeated simple errors in judgement) can make a huge impact when consistently repeated over time.

Income producing activities are those few daily activities that have a very real clear impact on the creation of income, either in the short or long term. Quite often these activities are not great in number. They will be one, two or three key things you should do every day to progress. Feelings of complexity and overwhelm usually come from the mind-created distractions and procrastination that tend to mask the real income producing activities but make us feel “busy”.

Consistency is the key. More important than the duration of the activities is that they are repeated on a daily basis or as near to as possible. This builds momentum.


Developing personally and professionally

At the heart of this is remaining a student for life. Anyone who thinks that learning stops after school or university is over, will probably miss out on an awful lot. Personal growth is about actively searching out self-awareness (aka self-actualisation or self-regulation). It is about always exploring, always growing. It may sound grisly but if you are not growing, you are dying.

“When I changed myself, the world changed”. A daily focus on personal and professional development is the best investment for the future.


Masterminding with leaders

Being around the right people is one of the smartest choices you can make. People who are where you want to go or have done what you are doing. To achieve anything significant, it makes sense to seek out leaders and influencers in the chosen field. Surrounding yourself with these people will allow you to model them, to observe and do what they do.

Support, mentorship, community and introduction to other leaders in your chosen area of effort, are all benefits of regular mastermind sessions.

Inspiring and leading

The essence of leadership is example. People who follow you will do what you do. So inspiring and leading in the best ways possible is so important. One of the most fulfilling ways to lead and inspire is to find a way to positively affect somebody else’s life, every day.

However, the real test, the real fulfillment comes when you know that there is nothing they can do for you in return. You are not expecting anything from them and they and everyone observing will feel this. This is the real spirit of giving and service. “Your gifts are not for you, they are for others”.

Study, practice and teach (or learn, do, teach). Keeping these three steps always in mind keeps us in the direction of growth and leadership, for ourselves and others. Be brave – it inspires the weaker ones.


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