Work Environment Change

Work Environment Change

Work Environment Change – Do you sometimes have a nagging feeling that something is not right in your career or job? It could be that you are working with people who you know are not really your kind of people. Maybe it is the company culture that you don’t feel aligned to or the products, services or goals of the organisation are not really your cup of tea. A common blocker for employees is..

when they have worked in the same field for years, they feel it is all part of their identity. “I studied for years for this”. “This is what I know”. “What else could I do?”

What is the answer?

Work Environment Change

Work Environment Change can be about a whole lot more than merely changing a few things around in your office or moving down the corridor. Much has been written on the subjects of how to change a toxic work environment, how to change a hostile work environment or how to change a negative work environment. Real life changing results though, can come from pursuing new environments outside of the organisation, not just trying to make the current working situation better.

Tony Robbins teaches that if you change your environment, you subtly change your physiology and this influences mood and behaviour. Most people know the power of getting out of the house and going for a good walk, on the mind and how you feel. This also applies to work of course. Where you work, what you do, how you do it.

Work Environment Change

Implementing a work environment change is obviously not always easy. Not least for some of the reasons mentioned above. We can feel safe, comfortable or secure with the present situation, even if the nagging feeling that it is not ideal, persists in the background. The prospect of major change and upheaval can be frightening and the status quo often wins.

One way to get around this is to make the changes you know you need to make in a staged and gradual way. If you conclude that you really want another job, then that is not possible of course. You either stick with what you have or you move.

What if you can choose another way though? A business of your own and what if you can transition as fast or as slowly as you wish from your current working environment to a new one? It is possible if you choose a business that you can build in your spare time and it is possible if you find the right training, tools and mentors to help you succeed.

By clicking here, you will meet Stuart Ross, co-founder of the SFM and DEA (Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy). Stuart has built a multi-million dollar business on the internet and he shows how you too can create a life you want, starting with nothing more than a computer, an internet connection and some drive.

Changing your work environment for the better does not have to be sudden and it does not have to be scary. Transitioning from an employee existence to one of living life on your own terms is possible by following the right training and doing a little work (or as much as you want!) in your spare time.

Perhaps just as important is finding a community of like minded individuals who are on the same journey. Mentorship and support at the click of a mouse and tap of your keyboard, in order to assist you on your way to making the work and life changes you want to make.

By entering your name and best e.mail address via the link below, you will receive a 7-part video series to help you start doing just that..

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