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Use the SMART approach

The SMART approach

Using the SMART approach. In the previous post – Use the Pomodoro Technique to focus and get more done!, I mentioned that I am currently involved in a video learning series on the latest e.mail marketing strategies from Aweber.

By the way, it is really good. You can try out this top e.mail service provider for $1 here and also get involved with the extensive training available on all things e.mail marketing.

Anyway, on working through the course, I am reminded of the SMART approach to

Use the Pomodoro Technique to focus and get more done!

The Pomodoro Technique. Recently I have been on an Aweber e.mail marketing webinar series and discovered a very simple, yet highly effective and fun way of managing time for work tasks and a variety of other activities.The Pomodoro Technique

The speaker shared this technique, which I hadn’t heard of before. On investigating further though, there is a fair bit of information out there on the Pomodoro Technique.


The post Next Time! talks of the power of those two little words and how remembering them and speaking them to yourself can be very empowering. After an action or an event, thinking about how it can be different or better Next Time, immediately instructs the brain to be creative, to think positively.

Related to this is another little word and idea I like and that is Until! “I will keep going until”. This can also be an empowering little word to remember because it acts as a reminder not to give up too early..

“I will keep the lessons up until I pass my driving test”

“I’m going to practice my serve until I am the best at the club”

“I will practice until I can play that piece perfectly”

“I will up my marketing efforts until I have reached that target number of customers”

The late Jim Rohn said “How long do you give your average baby to learn to walk?” You give as long as it takes of course! Until!

When in our development as humans, do we learn to give up so easily? We perceive work as hard, as pain and we give up too early. Maybe just before a breakthrough that we’ll never know was possible.

Sometimes it is appropriate to stop flogging a dead horse. Of course it is important to learn if something is futile. If there is real hope and purpose to a cause though, keeping going until you get there is a mindset and discipline that can reap massive rewards.

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