Use this incredible force to guide you!

If you really want to accelerate towards your objectives and goals, we all have anYour imagination inbuilt ability that we use everyday, that with focused attention can greatly speed up the process of working out what needs to be done, to move forward quickly in any journey or project.

We all have this ability and we all use it to some extent, but few learn or take the time to realise exactly how powerful it can be with focused effort applied.

It is an old principle and is probably one of the most powerful tools on the planet! It is the positive use of your imaginationHere we look at why this works..

Most people misuse their imaginations quite a lot. You may have heard that worry is the misuse of imagination. We use it negatively. We dream up stories of the bad things that could happen if we take a certain action. We imagine being hurt or rejected or criticised and this can halt an idea or progress before it has even begun.

On the other side of the coin, most successful people use their imagination in a positive way to move towards things they want and for growth.

Power of imagination

This is how to use your imagination to get what you want:

Pick your goal. Anything you want to achieve, any objective related to anything you like. It could be work, business, leisure, relationships, sporting or family related, the choice is yours and personal. The key is to clearly imagine achieving your desired outcome. Seeing and feeling it in your mind as if you are already there.

Sometimes called meditation on goals, research has shown that the more senses imagined as being involved in the vision of having achieved the objective, the more “real” and defined the subconscious mind will see the outcome.

What does it feel like, look like, sound, taste and smell like etc?

The more detail that can be put into your vision, the better. Crystal clear specifics. Aswell as in the mind’s eye, it is also a very good idea to get the details down in writing and then you can put this somewhere where you see it regularly.

Why this works:

The first thing to realise, is this is not a magic trick. You can’t just imagine having a new helicopter and it suddenly lands in the back yard! It is not about magic, it is about how the subconscious mind gets to work.

The basic fact is that the subconscious mind is working all the time, no matter what you are doing and without you being aware of it. All the time it is ticking away, guiding you and helping you make decisions. It works on what the conscious mind gives it and it searches, analyses and compares in order to move you toward what it thinks you want.

Why would you have your employee work against you? – if you keep thinking negativeDirection thoughts and imagining unpleasant pictures and outcomes, this is what your subconscious will think you want! 

You can use your imagination to define clearly what you want. Fill in all the detail in your mind and also on paper. By imagining all your senses involved and experiencing the end result you want, you send a message to the subconscious mind to get to work and start to look out for situations, connections and make decisions toward the vision becoming a reality. If your imagined vision is strong enough, then the mind (on an unconscious level), will start to make thousands of micro-decisions, little course corrections on a daily basis to help you move closer to your imagined outcome. All without you realising it is happening.

So to get your imagination working for you:

  1. Spend some time clearly imagining an outcome you want
  2. Add senses to the mix. Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell
  3. Write the imagined outcome on paper, Draw it. Add colour
  4. Look at your goal daily. Re-imagine it in clear detail
  5. Watch as things start to unfold for you

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Until next time, let your imagination run positively wild!