What’s the difference between SFM and DEA?


If you are new to SFM and DEA or just taking a look, you may wonder why the two names, what is the distinction between these two related platforms? Learn More SFM Banner

When Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek joined forces in 2012, Digital Experts Academy (DEA) was born. Stuart Ross had founded SFM (Six Figure Mentors) some years before and Jay Kubassek had run online marketing training platforms, including ProU, for a decade…

The result of partnering and bringing their huge experience and very successful companies into one place, is that SFM continues as the marketing and affiliate training platform and DEA (Digital Experts Academy) was launched as a sophisticated business mentoring program with four program levels.

DEA (Digital Experts Academy)

Digital Experts AcademyThe Digital Experts Academy’s 4 levels are: DEA Silver, DEA Gold, DEA Platinum and DEA Black. These levels are designed sequentially to guide the member through the phases of starting and growing a successful business online.

Instead of having to muddle through this often daunting process, scouring the internet for hours for what works and doesn’t work, getting burned, learning from the school of hard knocks etc, the user has direct and immediate access to top people who have been there and done it.

The best tools on the internet for starting and developing an online business are brought into one place. The quality of these tools is tried and tested, so the guess work is gone. Members are assigned a mentor, who provides continual coaching and takes them through the whole process of growing a successful business.

DEA aims to be a viable alternative to higher education by 2025.

A summary of DEA levels:

SilverAt the silver level, the aim is to give members the option to transition into self-employment, to become a digital marketing consultant. This level is the fundamentals of digital marketing, owning your own business in the digital economy and acquiring latest online strategies and service skills.

Gold-The gold level steps up a gear in that the program aims to give the potential of making a full-time income as a digital marketer. There are workshops throughout the year and weekly personal mentorship. At this level, the individual should be thinking of financial independence via their online business.

Platinum-Includes the Personal Brand Incubator process, to allow people to identify their true purpose and passions in life. This is a transition from marketer to expert. Students benefit from some of the world’s top experts in the field, giving intensive, personal workshops and brand-building.

Black-This is the final stage in the DEA journey to becoming a digital expert. Students have the option to joint venture with DEA and become advisers to others engaged in the programs. The elite of the industry network with and form personal relationships with the students.

Face to face masterminds are arranged regularly with some of the top marketers in the world, including a founder hosted annual retreat, usually somewhere tropical and stunning. At this level, individuals are productizing and commoditizing their businesses and learning to take them to the top echelons in the digital marketing world.

Digital Skills Platform

Another string to the DEA bow is the DEA Digital Skills Platform. This is designed as a daily micro learning experience in all things digital. For example, learn the following inside out: YouTube advertising, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Blogging, ipads and iphone, the list goes on.

Set learning goals and get help from a personal trainer. Challenge yourself with engaging bite-size learning videos and fun tests. Knowledge is built quickly and translates to results in your business.

SFM (Six Figure Mentors)

Although very much related to DEA, the SFM is the affiliate marketing and training platform. This is generally where you would start on your SFM/DEA journey. Getting involved straight away with the top community of like-minded entrepreneurs, who inspire and support each other on their business building journey and provide a knowledge pool on almost anything digital marketing related. All from people who have done what you are trying to do. SFM Get Started

As a digital marketing system, SFM provides everything you need to achieve your financial goals in one place. It provides a solid foundation, delivered by top marketers and leaders in their field.

You do not need to start with any products or services of your own, though you will certainly learn how to create them if that is what you want. Everything is included with the SFM to create a significant income if you so desire. Things that normally cost a lot of time and money to create – marketing and sales funnels, webpages, hosting and professional sales follow up and customer service, are all there to be used and leveraged, the instant you become a member. Hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars have been spent already, creating this highly engaging coaching and marketing system, so that you do not have to guess yourself to success – you simply have to put the effort in and follow a system.

In Summary

If you decide to strike out and build a successful digital lifestyle of your own with SFM and DEA, then joining the SFM would be the natural first step. Then positioning in the DEA can be done immediately after or at a later date after becoming fully familiar with the programs.

Get Started with SFM
SFM basic membership offers the perfect steps for new digital entrepreneurs. For those looking for higher earning potential and more intensive immersion in coaching, then SFM Elite membership and the DEA are ideal to move on to.

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