Progress is Powerful


There exists an ever-present powerful motivator in life, available to anyone at anytime, no matter who they are or their situation. That motivator is called Progress!Progress

In this video clip from Tony Robbins, he explains how people think they need to work on changing – but change is a given. Everything changes without any specific effort. What is truly motivating for people is not change but progress.

Progress is something that somebody even in the most dire of situations can hold onto. It is saying that today is slightly better or improved in some way than yesterday. No matter how small that step is or in what way.

Once you realise this and start to notice it more, it is easy to take any progression and turn it into inspiration. It’s a personal thing and even very small movements in the direction you want to go can be enjoyed and congratulated in the mind.

CalendarSo what I understand from Tony’s words in this video clip is that change is going to happen whatever you do, you don’t have to worry about it. The weather is going to change, politics are going to change, the economy is going to change, your body is going to change.

Progress on the other hand, suggests some kind of conscious direction, an effort to bring about a desired outcome and therefore it makes sense that realising that a goal is that much closer, is going to be satisfying. This post contains some examples of small adjustments that can be made to assist with improving finances.

The trick to inspire yourself regularly then, is to train your mind to look out for moments of progression toward something you want. It could be passing an exam, having a big pay-day or saving another 50 pounds, dollars or whatever toward that car. The game is to learn not to beat yourself up over set-backs but rather to find the progression that has been made in some area you choose and do this on a daily basis.

Suddenly you are not focusing on a list of “could have, should have” but are patting yourself on the back for the small (or large) step you have made today and that is the perfect mind preparation to continue on the quest tomorrow.