Month: April 2015

5 reasons to pick up the phone – it’s good for you!


I came across something again this morning that I want to share. Hidden in some oldProspecting is good for you literature that I had collected during my first I.T. sales job, were some pearls of wisdom regarding the benefits of picking up that phone to some good old prospects!

I think this came from my old sales manager but I’m pretty sure he was not the author (not sure who was) but some good advice to anyone who is putting off stirring up some business

Don’t work for a living


What does work mean to you? French mathematician, Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis introduced the word to the scientific world with his description “a weight lifted through a height”. Displacement caused by an acting force.Workman

In terms of human labour, the free has it as “ Physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something” or “Such effort or activity by which one makes a living; employment”.

Some people think that by its very nature and also probably because of the imagery the word brings up, work should be a struggle

A tip on remembering things


Do you find yourself forgetting everyday things all the time? Phone? Wallet? Keys? I just Keyswant to share a couple of things I have picked up that have helped me massively in this area.

1. The first one is this: I learnt to put important things to remember with other important things. I have some key items that are ingrained in my brain to remember before leaving the house, to put in my pockets. Actually these are precisely the things that people often forget! – wallet, phone, keys, but I have such a fear of losing or forgetting these things that I have developed an obsession about where they are. I always put them in the same place in my house – straight away – and they are always the final things I make sure I have when leaving the house. (I would add laptop bag to this, when I need it).

What I discovered is that if there is something really important that I need to take with me one day, I place it on top of my wallet or phone (and sometimes with the keys on top of that just to make sure!).

If it is something larger to remember, rather than a small item (some information or a large object), then I write a note and place it on the wallet/phone. For me, it is like the wallet, phone and keys are anchor points. I am pretty sure I am not going to forget these, the habit is so ingrained. So I know that I will not forget something else if I put it with one of these things.

2. The second, related little thing I picked up, is doing things Right Now. This is also to combat the forgetting of small tasks. Obviously doing things right now is not always possible, depending on what the task is, but if it is something small and can be slotted in the present time rather than sometime later, it guarantees it is not forgotten. It also saves on multiple to-do lists around the house, on a device or worse, in your head.


Get the budget habit and reduce the stress!


I used to have a habit, during times of tougher personal finances, of thinking “I’ll just try not to spend much money”. A typical example would be a day out. My thinking would be that “I can’t really afford it, but if I try really hard to not spend much at all, I’ll be alright”.Budget

What I learnt though, is this thought process is not really sensible and actually causes stress. The reason is that if you have not set yourself a budget, no matter how small that budget is, you don’t really know where you stand and you spend your day out (or whatever you are doing), worrying about every penny spent.

I learnt that setting a personal budget, even if very small, frees you up to enjoy yourself. Now you know where you stand, you know what you can and can’t do, which makes you feel good AND you feel great if you come in under budget!


The Power To Change


In the post Progress is Powerful, we mention how inspiration and motivation is available to anyone at just about any time, simply by recognising and internally celebrating any kind of progress, no matter how small the step, toward a goal.What do you want?

Starting to notice these small wins in everyday life takes awareness. If we have been primed by evolution to look out for danger and be alert for the bad, then we need to train ourselves to also notice the small achievements in what can sometimes seem a sea of challenge. It is worth taking a look then, at how we can change our mindsets to notice AND attract the positive into our lives.

Progress is Powerful


There exists an ever-present powerful motivator in life, available to anyone at anytime, no matter who they are or their situation. That motivator is called Progress!Progress

In this video clip from Tony Robbins, he explains how people think they need to work on changing – but change is a given. Everything changes without any specific effort. What is truly motivating for people is not change but progress.

Direct your Attitude to attract better things


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference – Winston Churchill. In psychology, an attitude is an expression of favour or disfavour toward a person, place, thing, or event.Winston Churchill

It seems perfectly natural to experience disfavour toward a person, place, thing or event sometimes and sometimes it surely must be exactly the correct attitude to take.

I suspect though, that often we jump on the negative without good reason and almost unconsciously