It’s About The Community

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Over the long Easter weekend, my friend was asking me what SFM is all about and asked me, if I was to sum it up in a sentence or two, how would I describe it?

Now this had me thinking hard for a bit because the temptation is to talk too much and over explain. There are so many great benefits of being a member of SFM and so when somebody asks you that, you feel like you want to list them all.

After a little thought, the number one benefit and explanation I came up with is that it is a great community.

The SFM platform offers everything in one place for online marketing. Training, hosting, personal coaching etc but I believe that its no.1 offering is the access to and feeling that you are part of this incredible community of internet entrepreneurs.

With a couple of mouse clicks and log-in, you are in the SFM community back office with access to hundreds of people on a journey, just like you. People who are new, possibly experiencing the same challenges as you. Maybe you are struggling to create a website-no problem-connect with somebody who has just built one or view one of the many videos to help you.

People who are experienced and have been there and done everything that you are trying to do. People who are literally multi-millionaires from businesses thay have created on the internet, ready and willing to speak with you because you have taken the wise step to join this community and they have been where you are now.

Want to meet like minded people in your area? No problem, find a local mastermind group in the SFM community. Want to create and run a new mastermind group in your local area? No problem, see what others have done and create and advertise it in the community back office.

It is this sense of community and the power it can bring to whatever you want to become and build, that makes this such a special place. If you want to know more, I suggest you enter your name and best e.mail address in the form on the right and your free introductory information will be on the way to you!