Monthly archives: April, 2014

Get a Mentor

In any endeavour in life that is even a tiny bit complicated or tough to achieve, there is mentoringnothing that can help you progress faster than finding a good coach or mentor. When you think about it, people rarely go it alone and get very far in other disciplines:

Learning a language, the piano or improving your golf game for example.

We’d usually think about a coach or teacher straight away for these things, so why go through the pain of being a lone wolf when trying to build a business on the internet?

It’s About The Community

My Banner

Over the long Easter weekend, my friend was asking me what SFM is all about and asked me, if I was to sum it up in a sentence or two, how would I describe it?

Sales vs Marketing

Sales and marketing are often thought of as going hand in hand and in a lot of waysfighting business women they do. Although strongly related disciplines, sales people and marketing people can often clash. I once overheard a conversation between somebody from a sales department and somebody from a marketing department. They were passionately discussing ideas for an upcoming event.