Get Organised in 2014 with nachapp

Just discovered a cool new app to boost your productivity that can be accessed from all your devices, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc. It’s called Need for Achievement. nach for short and you can trial it at

You can start a 30-day free trial without having to input any debit or credit card details. I have just done this after searching for a simple, easy to use online system for reminders and goal-setting.

What I’ve found in nachapp looks very interesting.The layout is simple and intuitive and there is a great little tutorial you can do straight away to show you the ropes. It gets you started in no time.

Being a lover of my paper diary, I’ve never thought that I’ve really needed a computerised reminder system but thought I would have a look to see what is out there. This seems more than I bargained for though. Aswell as being able to schedule reminders in the form of e.mails to yourself from the system, it is actually an achievement tracking platform.

You can create goals and then split them up into steps to produce easy to follow and easy to achieve chunks, daily, weekly, whatever you like. Prompts can then be sent to you by e.mail or SMS so that you don’t miss a thing and to keep you on track. You can also create trackers on each goal, view historical information and view your progress with impressive graphics.

Wherever you have access to the web, nachapp is available. The pricing looks good too. £5 (about $8USD) a month and no advertising. The company states that instead of offering a free version with advertising, they’d rather make it advert free, clean to look at, with a price to suit pretty much anybody’s budget.

So I’ll be trialling this over the next 30 days and will report what else I learn about it on here. In the meantime, you can do the same by registering at

Back soon!

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