nachapp update


As posted in Get Organised in 2014 with nach, I am trialling this online productivity tool free Productionfor 30 days. Need for achievement (nach for short) is a handy little app that works on all your devices, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, whatever you use to access the internet.

You can access it yourself here: for your own 30 day free trial. What I think is great about it, is that it will hold you accountable. Well, it will help you be accountable to yourself!

The way it does this is by sending you e.mails or SMS messages to prompt you about the steps you said you would take that day toward a goal and also a weekly update and summary of steps taken and/or missed that week.

I haven’t tried the SMS messages yet but the e.mails are working well. You get a little prompt into your inbox with regard to what you said you were going to do that day and if you are in the habit of checking your inbox in the morning or throughout the day, it does act a little like a wake up call.

So if you are ever prone to put things off, this one could be for you!

Here are a few tips on getting started:

The first thing you do is go to the Goal Map tab on the left of the main screen. The great thing about nachapp is it is laid out simply, there is not too much going on to over-complicate things and so pleasing to the eye.

Behind the Goal Map tab, add your goal/s. This is mission control 🙂 You will then see that each goal can be broken into steps. This is where the magic happens and you can create daily, weekly or whatever intervals you like for activities towards achieving your goal.

Once you create a step, clicking on it will take you to a screen where more detail can be added and saved. Do you want to add a due date? Skip weekends? Repeat the step at given intervals? Have an e.mail or SMS reminder to do the step?

To-Do ListThe next tab along is the To-do list. This seems to show all the steps you have saved in a summary list with their due date. Next is the Calendar. This is a nice month per page view, showing all your steps on the days they are due. You can drill down to the step by clicking on it.

You then have the Trackers, Graphs and History tabs which I have not really used yet, but Graphs and History seem to provide a graphical view of your progress, which I imagine is kind of motivating. Trackers allow you to measure things you can assign a number to. For example distances run, weight lost or cakes not eaten!

That’s it for now on nachapp. I’m finding it useful so far and the next time I post about it, I’ll let you know how I get on with the Trackers, Graphs and History functions.

Stay tuned for more in the coming days and if you haven’t seen it already, check out Crash diet for you finances and remember to collect your complimentary video series at the end.