Edify, don’t Vilify


Just a quick post today but a good point that I have heard some successful people making recently……Try to minimise the negative talk about others and try to talk people up instead.

Like your mother said, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all! Bad mouthing is something that happens all the time in many environments, working, social or otherwise, but it rarely does us any good.

Attacking somebody’s character does nothing for our own self-esteem. It might make us feel superior for a moment but longer term, talking people down just creates a negative vibe all round.

Edifying and talking people up does the opposite. Finding the good in others and building them up is positive all round, for them, you and others. The caveat of course, is if there is an injustice that needs dealing with. This can be done properly in person though, leaving the petty talk and bitching at the door.

So just a short post today but while you are here, why not check this one out: Principles of Persuasion.

Back soon!

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