The Digital Gold Rush is upon us!

As mentioned in my last post, taking time to enjoy your time, many jobs and whole industries have been outsourced to other parts of the globe, where labour is cheaper but where expertise is on the rise. Nugget

There is a shift away from the traditional economy as we used to know it and a new economy is on the way up FAST! It has been called the digital economy.

On this blog, I make no bones about promoting the SFM and how joining this community can put you on a fast track to making real money online. What it is, is a private, exclusive community of digital marketers.

Earning while learning is the name of the game and SFM provides the support, training and expertise to make it online in these crazy times.

The digital gold rush has started. Watch Stuart Ross, co-founder of the SFM explain in this short clip, how you can take advantage:

Watch Here.

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