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Our Greatest Challenges

In my post, Crash diet for your finances, ways to improve our personal financial situations are discussed. It is clear that anyone wishing to do this, must make some changes and that can be quite challenging. Greatest Challenge

Recently, I came across the website of Brendon Burchard, top business and marketing trainer and author of The Millionaire Messenger and The Charge. You can visit Brendon’s site here. Brendon makes an insightful comment: “Our greatest challenges should be those we give ourselves, to reach our full potential”.

Crash diet for your finances

Is crash dieting good for your finances?

Crash diets seem to be all around at this time of year! While watching tv over the last few days, it seems every other advert is for some kind of diet or exercise plan/DVD (if not that, then for summer holidays!).crash diet

This got me wondering how many people think about a crash course for their finances after the boom and bust of Christmas.

It seems like an annual marketing frenzy in the food and drink businesses, quickly followed by the dieting and exercise industries going overdrive on their advertising. Do they all collude?! I don’t know but it’s a yearly pattern around Christmas and big business, that’s for sure.