Why you should use WordPress to create your website


Setting up and running a new business is a very exciting process but for all the excitement, fun and anticipation of success, it is also a process fraught with challenges. Time-wasting seemingly important activities, money-wasting pitfalls and technology glitches are just some of the obstacles that everybody comes up against now and then.

Why you should use WordPress to create your website


Using the right technology  

However, finding the right technology can make things a whole lot easier. Using WordPress for website building can allow you to develop a lean business model that will surpass your competition, while still having a fully functional, interactive and dynamic website. By using WordPress, your website can look very visually pleasing and function smoothly with incredible typography and easy to use tools.

WordPress is not just a blogging platform. If you think that, then you’re confused with WordPress.com’s service as a blog hosting service and the platform. The “WordPress” that runs WordPress.com, which is available on WordPress.org is just the platform, and you can use that same system on your own server.

Additionally, many web hosting companies will install an initial instance of WordPress for you, using whatever is the current default theme. This makes using WordPress to build your business site even more convenient, because you don’t actually need to know anything about servers and the technology behind it.

WordPress is SEO optimised

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is important because online, the vast majority of people will find your website via a search engine, particularly via Google these days.

Having a website optimised for search with the engines makes it so much easier for potential customers to find you.

WordPress is simple to use

This is an understatement. WordPress is incredibly easy to use! And fun to learn! Yes, you will need to learn a few things, but if you can use Microsoft Word, Facebook or e.mail applications, then you can learn to use WordPress as your online business website building platform.

WordPress has loads of really useful extensions

Due to great little programs called “plugins”, it’s simple to extend your business website’s functionality. This makes it possible to start small and then increase the types of content you offer your clients and potential clients on your site such as, message boards, a members only area, affiliate area and more.

WordPress is very popular 

As so many people use it, develop it and basically love WordPress, it means that lots and lots of information on using WordPress is available all over the web.  It is open-source software, so many developers can make plugins, create tutorials and other useful add-ons to make its use smoother and an enjoyable process.

WordPress is free

What more can be said about the fact that the initial platform is free? Sometimes people think that free means that the quality of something will be poor. However, the truth is, in the case of software, open source means it is often more functional and flexible than other types of proprietary software.

Having said that, you can also purchase premium themes and plugins to make your website even smarter. Themes and plugins are available that have more features and more functionality than the ones available free from WordPress.org. This allows the creation of superior websites with a very professional image.

The bottom line is that you can start out for free, then upgrade as your business develops and pay for improvements out of profit! For hosting, tools and amazing ongoing training on not just WordPress but all elements of doing business online, I highly recommend the SFM, which you can access here and try out on a no obligation basis.

The SFM provides everything someone needs to start building a business online. Tools, hosting, WordPress, incredible training, amazing community and even one-on-one coaching, all in one place.

If you are not using WordPress yet, I hope you will now try it out! I wish you success and see you on my next post!

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