The Power of Mastermind Groups


The Power of Mastermind Groups – In any entrepreneurial journey, things can get lonely at times, especially when you are starting out, not knowing who to talk to or share ideas with. Of course, the feelings of aloneness are an illusion really.

We are never that far away from people in a similar position, solutions and breakthroughs but at 9.30pm on a rainy Thursday evening, when you have worked all day on your own to try to work something out, things can sometimes feel pretty bleak.

The Power of Mastermind Groups

Help is at hand in the form of mastermind groups. Even the most successful people in the world belong to mastermind groups! They use these to bounce ideas around, problem solve and explore opportunities.

In the following list of the three things that every budding entrepreneur should do, finding a mastermind group is really point 1 and 3, although you might find a major mentor at a mastermind group too, who will coach you one on one.


  1. Find people who are already where you want to be
  2. Find a good mentor
  3. Find a group of like-minded people


A mastermind group is really any gathering where people who are doing what you are doing or want to do, get together to discuss ideas and support each other and some of the key benefits to attending a group meeting or two like this are as follows:

  • You get to interact with like-minded people who will support and encourage you to achieve your goals
  • You get a chance to learn directly from those who already have what you want
  • You stay highly motivated, focused and accountable for your actions
  • You get challenged to move out of your comfort zone and step up your game
  • You get inspired and start acting like other successful members of the group
  • You have a safe place to go for help and support when you’re stuck

Accountability, if you want and need it, is a big reason to find a group with similar goals in mind. Here is how the psychology works!:

Imagine making a goal in front of your peers in your mastermind group to come up with your marketing plan before your next session. As the time nears for the next mastermind meet-up and you’ve not done anything, the thought of being with your peers and admitting that you have not done anything, starts to sink in.

So now there are two options: 1) Don’t go to the mastermind session or 2) Make progress on your plan!

Not going would mean that you miss out on all the good things at the session-the learning, the sharing, the social aspect. So it makes more sense to complete the plan. Not just because you’ll look better in front of the group but because it is IMPORTANT for your business! The accountability helps to push you to do the things you should be doing, that ultimately yield results.

Personally, in the last couple of months I have experienced for myself, the Power of mastermind groups and have started attending the London mastermind group of the SFM. What I have found is an amazing group of people who not only provide friendly support but who also help with a different perspective on the different things I work on.

As they say, with an internet business, you are often in business for yourself but not by yourself if you are lucky enough to have a good support group to work with. The SFM provides this and you can find more details on the SFM and how they can help you create an online business here.

Even though I talk about the benefits of associating with like-minded people, the differing perspectives those people will have too, can be of great benefit. Being around people with a different view point allows you to see things in your business in a way you may not have done on your own. You get a glimpse of how your customers may see things and you end up trying things you would not have thought of.

I will be reporting on this blog, on some of the different ideas and perspectives that I pick up at my mastermind group, so watch this space! In the meantime, if you are considering starting an online business or leveraging the internet to grow an existing business, check out the SFM where you can discover the Power of mastermind groups first hand and find some of the best community support and training available. Look for a mastermind group in your area where you can get with people who are, or are going where you want to go.

I’d be interested to hear about your experiences in this area, so please feel free to connect with me and I look forward to seeing you soon!


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