Monthly archives: October, 2012

Obama or Romney?


In my previous post: Surprise visit from Nathan Ricks, I mention Eric Worre and his fantastic video blog, NMPRO, that I check into regularly for inspiring information, not just in a business sense but in a general life sense too.

I recently came across this clip from Eric below (at the time of writing, the U.S. is in the midst of the 2012 presidential campaigns), that I think points out very well that despite various party political promises, our futures are ultimately up to us.

The Power of Mastermind Groups


The Power of Mastermind Groups – In any entrepreneurial journey, things can get lonely at times, especially when you are starting out, not knowing who to talk to or share ideas with. Of course, the feelings of aloneness are an illusion really.

We are never that far away from people in a similar position, solutions and breakthroughs but at 9.30pm on a rainy Thursday evening, when you have worked all day on your own to try to work something out, things can sometimes feel pretty bleak.