Engage your subscribers using Aweber


In a previous post, marketing to a new generation, I mention Aweber, a great service that for only $1 to try out, provides e.mail marketing services, newsletters, autoresponders and converts RSS to e.mail.Aweber2

It is well known that if you do not have a list of subscribers when it comes to marketing something online (whether for profit or not, it could just be ideas and information you want to get out there), then really, you have nothing.

Using Aweber is a very powerful and simple way to build and manage a mailing list and engage and build a relationship with subscribers. Amazing support and tutorials get you on your way. During business hours, there is always someone you can talk to live on the phone too, if you need help setting something up.

E.mail marketing has a high return on investment of time and money. Use Aweber to:

  • Set up a welcome message that is sent to subscribers when they sign up.
  • Put a form on your website that builds your list of subscribers.

Have a look at this clip which shows you how to get started with a successful e.mail marketing campaign, how to set up your list, add messages and publish a sign up to your website. Watch the video clip here.

Another great thing I have found in Aweber, is the ability to create and automatically deliver newsletters at times you dictate. If you know a bit about your industry/service/product, then you can create content that is relevant at a particular time and have it delivered on a schedule, when it would be most useful to your audience. This is especially useful around major events and seasonal activities!

Have a look here for video tutorials on all the great things you can do with Aweber. If marketing a business, a cause or an idea online is what you want to achieve, then there really is no better tool in my opinion, to build effective opt-in forms, build a large subscriber list and send appropriate information to that list at the right time.


Happy list building!