Marketing to a new generation

Marketing to a new generation – If you are not using it already then Aweber really is a tool you should investigate for increasing sales and profits online. I will be discussing Aweber some more and some of the great services they offer to the online business owner, but first I wanted to share an infographic I came across on their site.  Marketing to a new generation

This is about the fact that today’s youth are the next generation of loyal customers. Therefore it makes sense to have a good understanding of how young people are communicating today and where these trends may be going. After all, good marketing is about being where your potential customers are.

See the infographic below and then some thoughts on the results of the survey, which took place in the U.S, surveying 984 high school seniors and college students.

Marketing to a new generation

So what does Marketing to a new generation mean for you and the promotion of your products and services?

  • It’s not going to be a surprise but younger generations tend to be much more connected with social media. To get the most from marketing efforts, it is important to connect via as many social networks as possible.
  • The time of day that this group receives your message might not matter as much as it would for other age groups. Sending your message by way of a few social networking routes, means younger people are likely to pick the message up at times of the day that would not be so appropriate when marketing to their parent’s generation.
  • According to the survey, Facebook is only just in front of e.mail. So social networks possibly are not killing e.mail but it is still important, when trying engage with younger people, to use as many channels as possible. If the interaction is only through e.mail for example, then connection opportunities will be missed at other times of the day.
  • Innovation is what young people want. Around half of the submitted essays mentioned replacing a missing social network or technology with another existing one, or just waiting for someone else to create something better. This generation lives in a world of evolving technology and expects that evolution to continue. Things need to be kept fresh and creative to engage this young group and experimenting with marketing tactics is probably the right thing to do.

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