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Surprise visit from Nathan Ricks

One of my favourite video blogs I would like to share is that of Eric Worre, highly successful entrepreneur and network marketing advocate and acclaimed coach, whose insights I highly recommend, no matter what kind of business you are in.Eric Worre

I check in to this video blog (or vlog!) regularly for inspiration and nuggets of priceless information. I came across today’s clip from Eric, that features his good friend, Nathan Ricks, ultra-successful network marketing legend. Eric puts him on the spot a bit but Nathan shares his thoughts on doing the basics brilliantly.

Click here for the clip. No matter what kind of business you are in or even if you are not in business yet, Nathan Rick’s comments are a good reminder of how we can move towards our goals on a daily basis. Click here to watch, comment below and see you on my next post!


To Your Success!


Marketing to a new generation

Marketing to a new generation – If you are not using it already then Aweber really is a tool you should investigate for increasing sales and profits online. I will be discussing Aweber some more and some of the great services they offer to the online business owner, but first I wanted to share an infographic I came across on their site.  Marketing to a new generation

This is about the fact that today’s youth are the next generation of loyal customers. Therefore it makes sense to have a good understanding of how young people are communicating today and where these trends may be going. After all, good marketing is about being where your potential customers are.

See the infographic below and then some thoughts on the results of the survey, which took place in the U.S, surveying 984 high school seniors and college students.

Using a Gravatar for your personal brand


Using a Gravatar for your personal brand – I’ve talked about creating a personal brand in my previous post and how this can benefit you online. If you have an online business or are thinking of having one or intend to comment on internet forums and blogs, then using a good picture of you allows people to “see” who they are dealing with.  Using a Gravatar for your personal brand

Psychological research shows that people make more of a connection when they can see a visual image. Face to face is ideal of course, but when this is not possible, a good picture can help people identify with you and build all important trust.

In this post, I’ll share a very useful tool I have found-Gravatar