The Importance of branding yourself – No, I’m not talking about hot pokers on the skin! More why it is a very good idea

The importance of branding yourselfto create a brand for yourself in this day and age of slick marketing, overwhelming exposure to advertising and prospect apathy.

Of course, salesmanship and marketing is nothing new. it’s been with us for as long as humans have needed other humans to do something. In order to move anything, a product, a service, an idea, a sale has to be made. This is not necessarily via the cold call or hard-sell, strong-arm tactics we associate with the double-glazing salesman.

No. Sales and marketing happens all the time, all around us and is usually much more subtle. It’s the big bag of corn chips next to the DVDs and fizzy drink in the supermarket, it’s the child suggesting that the chocolate at the counter (at child eye height), might be tasty. It’s the husband or wife seeing the picture of a palm backed, sun-drenched beach in the travel agent window and dropping hints.